The 9 Most Amazing Hidden Gems in New York

From the Empire State Building to Central Park to the Statue of Liberty, New York is jam-packed with postcard-perfect attractions.

But New York is full of fascinating hidden gems that aren’t visible from the traditional tourist routes.

Want to discover the Big Apple’s best kept secrets? we got you From an abandoned smallpox hospital to the remnants of the Berlin Wall, here’s a list of the top nine awe-inspiring New York City hidden gems.

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10 best hidden gems in New York

Fort Tryon Park

Often overlooked compared to popular Central Park, Fort Tryon is one of New York City’s most captivating open spaces.

This little-known park was built in 1917 when philanthropist John D. Rockefeller Jr. purchased Chicago businessman CKG Billings’ Tryon Hall Mansion and other lots. He developed a beautiful green park that was donated to New York City in 1931 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

Located in the Hudson Heights and Inwood neighborhoods of Manhattan, Fort Tryon Park features manicured gardens dotted with more than 500 species of plants, trees and shrubs, and eight miles of parkland with spectacular views of the Hudson River and fence. There is a path.

Fort Tryon Park is also home to the Met Cloisters, a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Housed in a Gothic building designed by architect Charles Collins, the cloisters house nearly 5,000 medieval works of art and architecture, with a focus on the Romanesque and Gothic periods.

address: Riverside, Doctor to Broadway, New York

Whispering Gallery at Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal in New York.
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Grand Central Terminal is one of New York’s most popular attractions. Located at He 42nd Street and Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, the station is the largest commuter rail terminal in the Americas, serving 750,000 passengers daily.

Some of Grand Central Terminal’s most famous features include the station’s 125-foot-tall ceiling arches adorned with constellations and the iconic Booth Clock, which is adorned with carvings of American eagles and Roman gods.

But few know that Grand Central Terminal is home to New York’s hidden gem, The Whispering Gallery. Tucked away in the dining area of ​​Grand Central Terminal, this gallery has some interesting sound effects.

address: 89 E 42nd Street, New York

Rockefeller Center Secret Garden

The Secret Garden at Rockefeller Center in New York.
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Rockefeller Center is a large complex that houses famous New York attractions such as NBC Studios, Top of the Rock Observatory and Radio City Music Hall.

But Rockefeller Center has one place that most people don’t know about. It’s a secret roof garden.

Located at 620 Loft and Gallery, part of the building at 650 Fifth Avenue, this tranquil green space showcases spectacular views of St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Midtown Manhattan and is ideal for weddings and other events. can be rented to It was also the location of the original Spider-Man movie.

620 Loft and Garden at 620 5th Avenue is part of an indoor/outdoor space with views of St. Patrick’s Cathedral that can be rented for weddings and events. It was also the location of the original Spider-Man movie.

Unfortunately, this space is not freely accessible to the general public. So if you want a glimpse of the gardens, you’ll need to book a meeting (or work!) in his Tishman Speyer office next door overlooking the gardens.

address: 45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York

Little Red Lighthouse

Little Red Lighthouse, New York.
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The Little Red Lighthouse is one of New York City’s few surviving lighthouses. Tucked under the George Washington Bridge in Fort Washington Park on the Hudson River, this 40-foot lighthouse was built in 1880 and moved to its current location in 1921.

Visitors can climb a long iron staircase to the top of the tower to see the Lantern Room and enjoy unparalleled views of the Hudson River.

address: Fort Washington Park, Hudson River Greenway, New York

Shiyakusho Station

New York City Hall Station.
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Old Town Hall Subway Station is one of New York’s best kept secrets. The station opened in his 1904, became NYC’s first subway station, and although it closed in 1945, it still attracts visitors to this day thanks to its immense beauty.

Designed by renowned architects Heins & LaFarge, the station is decorated with stained glass windows, beautiful arches, artistic vaulted tile ceilings by master Rafael Guastavino, and gorgeous chandeliers.

Explore the Old City Hall subway station on your own or join a guided tour of the New York Transit Museum. The Ton Tour begins with a historical walk on the ground, followed by a visit to the station itself.

address: 31 Center Street, New York

Renwick Smallpox Hospital

Renwick Smallpox Hospital, New York.
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Renwick Smallpox Hospital is a sinister and charming place in New York City. Built from 1854 to his 1856 and designed by James He Renwick, Jr., the hospital was the first in the country to accept smallpox patients. The remote location of Roosevelt Island allowed residents afflicted with the disease to be quarantined.

Renwick Smallpox Hospital closed after the successful introduction of a vaccine in the late 1800s.

Only the ruins of the hospital remain, but visitors can still visit the site and marvel at the building’s eerie and beautiful Gothic Revival structure.

address: E Rd, New York, NY

Four sections of the Berlin Wall

Section of the Berlin Wall, New York.
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You don’t have to go to Europe to see the fabled Berlin Wall. After the fall of the wall, the works were sold in pieces, four of which he actually lives in New York City.

Here are the locations of the Berlin Wall in New York City: One inside the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum in Times Square, another in the United Nations, a third in the public square in Battery Park City and a final one inside the public. The lobby of an office building in Midtown.

Van Cortlandt Museum

Van Cortlandt Museum of Art, New York.
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The Van Cortlandt House Museum is located in a 1,000-acre city park that was once the plantation of the wealthy Van Cortlandt family. A true hidden gem in New York City, the mansion is the oldest surviving building in the Bronx and is inextricably linked to the history of the United States.

At various times during the American Revolutionary War, General George Washington used Van Cortlandt House as his headquarters.

It was also at this mansion that George Washington and General Rochambeau formulated strategies to end the war.

At the end of the 19th century, the house was sold to New York City. The property became a museum in his 1897, then restored and decorated to recreate its 1749-1823 period appearance.

The interior is lined with period furnishings and 18th- and 19th-century Dutch, English, and American ornaments. The interiors are also expertly decorated with fine wood panelling, fireplaces and Dutch tiles.

The museum’s collection is authentic to the period, but only a small portion of it actually belonged to the Van Cortlandt family.

address: 6036 Broadway, Van Cortland Park, Bronx, NY

stone street

Stone Street in New York.
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Located in the financial district in the heart of downtown Manhattan, Stone Street was the first cobbled street in New York.

Paved in 1658 when Wall Street was still wooden walls, the street was beautifully restored in the 1990s and became a historic district in 1996.

Known for its old-world charm, this narrow cobblestone street is the perfect place for a leisurely stroll through New York City. Here you’ll find a vibrant array of pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes.

address: Stone, Pearl, S. William Street.and Mill Ln., New York City

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the rarest thing about New York?

New York’s top hidden gems are:

  • Fort Tryon Park;
  • Whispering Gallery at Grand Central Station.
  • Secret Garden at Rockefeller Center.
  • Villa Charlotte Bronte;
  • A small red lighthouse.
  • City Hall Station;
  • Renwick Smallpox Hospital;
  • Four sections of the Berlin Wall.
  • Van Cortland Museum;
  • stone street.

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